HM7 monitor  housing for Odyssey 7Q+


Seawater-resistant aluminium, hard anodized and specially coated to give it maximum seawater resistance.


pushbutton on the underside


pushbutton on the frontside


pushbutton on the frontside


Lens-hood Large-sized lens-hood to provide optimum protection against direct sunlight when working in shallow water or on the surface, too.


1x SDI Additional SDI (as extra)

Power supply

The back part is designed to accommodate the SWIT-S-8U63 rechargeable battery. A D-TAP cable with plug connector is required for the Odyssey 7Q+ power jack (available as accessory).

Locking devices

Both housing parts are locked together using tried and tested quick-release safety-catches.


By fitting the CT25 ball joint arm (optional) on top of the housing or on the stabilizing wing. Other attachment options on request.

Accessories (optional):

SDI connection cable

Technical specifications:

Dimensions (WxHxD): 220 x 192 x 90 mm

Weight: about 2,5 Kg (housing only)

Buoyancy: about -400g