Lamp arms


The new generation of ball arms is extremely light, stable, with a great fixing force that can be adjusted exactly for every range of application. We recommend the ball CT20, diameter 20 mm for flashguns and lamps up to approx. 1200g .
For heavier lamps or flashguns please choose our flash arms CT25.

  • CT20 - 250, 250 mm long

  • CT20 - 190, 190 mm long

  • CT20 - 150, 150 mm long

  • CT20-NI ball support Nikon

  • CT20-SS ball for Sea&Sea

  • CT20-K6 ball for M6 thread

  • CT20-KL Clamping piece

  • CT20-BH base holder for T-piece

  • ZU-T-ST T-piece


A double joint arm for illumination consisting of:

   1 x baseholder for T-Piece CT20-BH
   1 x lamp arm 190 mm long CT20-190
   1 x lamp arm 150 mm long CT20-150
   3 x clamps CT20-KL
   1 x ball D20 with M6-thread
         long for lamps CT20-K6L

weights only 280g with down force
of 80g in fresh water.