SEALUX CompactLine-1 Universal

Housing for Sony 

The new SEALUX CompactLine-1 Universal Video housing for the new camcorders made by the leading manufacturers Sony, Panasonic, Canon and JVC (remote control needed).
Extremely light-weight, compact and featuring all the most important functions. These are the characteristics of the new CompactLine range of underwater housings.


The housing is made of seawater-resistant aluminium and CNC milled out of a monobloc. It is hard-anodized. It is completely anodized and treated with a special powder coating on the outside to provide maximum ruggedness.

Front lens

The front lens consists of optical glass and is scratch-resistant. It is extra large and therefore suitable for the various positions of camcorder optical axes.

Monitor viewing

The large monitor lens made of optical glass is tilted by 15° in respect of the diving plane for optimum monitor viewing. This way you can view the image on the flipped open monitor without straining your eyes.
Enjoy your shots while taking them…
The flipaway lens-hood prevents lens reflections. Additionally, a magnifying lens system can be thread-fitted on the inside (optional).

Grip rail

The grip rail features soft grips which can be detached for transport. On top, by means of a wing nut, a stabilization fin can be fitted which includes mounting holes for a lighting system (not supplied). Underneath, the 2 x M5 threads can be used to attach the battery box holder.


All-electronic controls. The following functions can be activated using the tried and tested keypad on the right-hand side:

- Record

- Zoom - Tele

- Zoom Wide

- Photo

- On-Off

Camcorder sliding carriage

The camcorder sliding carriage has the following important functions:

- Stepless lengthwise and crosswise
  camcorder positioning adjustment
- Position adjustment whilst video-shooting
  with or without a wide-angle converter lens
- Secure mount of camcorder using a self-adhesive anti-slip mat
  on the tripod plate

UW-correction filter

The correction filter for blue water is included in the standard price. It is fitted inside the housing and thereby perfectly protected against scratches and a salty environment. At any time it can be swivelled in front and back again, externally.

Locking mechanisms

The housing is equipped with 2 tension locks with a safety device against unintentional opening.


- Optical magnifying system for monitor lens
- Acoustic and visual moisture alarm
- Stabilizing fins
- Carrying case

Weight and measures

Width x height x length: 177 x 120 x 214 mm

Weight: 2.8 kg

Buoyancy without camcorder: approx. 700 g