Housing for Sony PXW-FS7MK2

The SEALUX HDFS7II is a safe, tailor-made housing for the professional PXW-FS7MK2 4K 4:2:2 10 bit camcorder made by Sony. This means it is one of the smallest and lightest aluminium underwater housings on the market for the PXW-FS7MK2. With this housing our main focus has been on operational versatility. An optional display case for the on-top-of-camera display supplied by Sony allows comfortable viewing of images from a swimming position. If an external
monitor/recorder is to be used (such as the Odyssey 7Q), a cover plate will be fitted to it. 3 additional sockets, 1 x HDMI and optionally 2 x two-pole sockets allow connection of external devices, for example, an external monitor/recorder or a hydrophone. The basic model features screw plugs instead. On the upper side of the housing solid M6 bolt-on points can be found at 2 different points to fasten external devices. In addition, the housing has enough space for common adaptors such as the Metabones Speedbooster and is therefore ready to work with a great number of lenses. Using the full range of Sealux ports, the housing is perfectly equipped to work with most combinations of lenses and adapters. For the first time, a Sealux housing features 3 M6 bolt-on points on the underside, situated right and left at a 30º angle, respectively, for runners or a buoyancy system, for example. The back part was designed to provide enough space for large rechargeable batteries to allow longer underwater video shoots. In the event of failure of the housing electronics, all camera functions can be operated mechanically. As a whole, the dimensions of the housing were optimized so that it fits inside a piece of standard hand luggage with the grips detached. The combination of both electronic and mechanical operation is a guarantee of perfect operability in any situation. All function elements are sealed twofold and up to fourfold. To provide the highest degree of safety is our command.


Made from seawater-resistant aluminium, CNC milled from a monobloc, anodized in black (anti-reflex) and powder coated on the outside as well for maximum ruggedness.


The four quick-action locks incorporate safety-devices. Back plate Sealed with a large precision o-ring.

Port Changing System

Thanks to the Sealux photo bayonet system there is sufficient space for large lenses, too. Furthermore, the range of Sealux ports allows a broad spectrum of applications.


The grips are ergonomically adjustable and detachable for transport in the carry case.


Provides comfortable viewing at an angle of 20° relative to the swimming position thanks to the use of the FS7II display accommodated inside a small display housing (optional). A lens-hood protects the display against annoying sunrays.

Tripod base

The camcorder is mounted on the tripod base and secured at the front, thereby allowing easy replacement of the rechargeable battery and memory card.

Right Keypad

RECORD start/stop
ZOOM tele
ZOOM wide
POWER on/off

Manual functions on the right and top

Lens lock release

Manual functions on the left

IRIS wheel
IRIS-ND lever
WB-SET lever
REC start/stop
SET/SEL wheel
POWER on/off


Push Iris
Push Auto Iris
Assign 1
Assign 2
Push Auto Focus
Assign 7
Assign 8
Assign 9
Assign 10
Left select
Right select

Keys display housing (optional)


Sony XDCA-adapter

To make use of the Sony XDCA-adapter we have designed an extra long backpart (optional)

Underwater microphone

Underwater sounds are recorded via a high-quality electret microphone.

Moisture alarm

One moisture alarms monitor the well-being of your camcorder.

Dimensions, weights

Dimensions: W x H x D: 203 mm x 190 mm x 297 mm
Weights: Housing (standard): about 6.5 kg
Buoyancy: depending on lens and port used
Maximum depth: 90 m (tested)