Housing for Sony NEX FS700

The SEALUX HFS700 housing is a safe, tailor-made housing for the professional high-definition NEX camcorder made by Sony. It fits the camcorder like a glove and even so, allows the use of the adjustable viewfinder, plus there is enough space for a NANOflash Recorder and the large SWIT rechargeable battery for its power supply.
Both the LA-EA2 adapter for SONY Alpha lenses and the METABONES adapter for Canon lenses can be used. The mix of electronic and mechanical controls ensures perfect operability in every situation. In the event of an electronics
you can carry on filming using the mechanical controls. In this case, most functions would continue to be available.


Made of seawater-resistant aluminium, CNC milled out of a monoblock, hard-anodized and passivated in a special process.


Locking devices

There are four quick-release locking devices protected with safety-catches.


Back plate

The back plate is sealed with precision o-rings.


Port-changing system

To accommodate the large number of lenses available, the large tried and tested bayonet mount fitted in Sealux DSLR photo housings is used. This, in combination with the existing dome ports, flat ports and adapter rings, presents a solution for almost all lenses.


Grip rails

The grips are ergonomically adjustable and detachable for transport in the carry case.

Carrying handle

The solid carrying handle is detachable to minimize packing size.



For comfortable viewing, the viewfinder eyepiece is fitted at a 20ยบ tilt relative to the swimming plane. Using the Sony viewfinder magnifier you can totally enjoy your images in shallow waters, too, in a comfortable swimming position. An unscrewable sunshade completes the comfort features.


External HDMI monitor (optional)

As an alternative, you can connect our Sealux WM-5 HDMI monitor.


Tripod base

The camcorder is mounted on the tripod base and secured at the front, thereby allowing easy replacement of the rechargeable battery and memory cartridge.



The tried and tested RX5 LANC control system allows you to activate the following functions at the press of a button:


Keypad right

Recording start/stop
WB direct
SEL Enter


Manual functions right

Recording start/stop
Manual zoom


Functions left

Manual Focus
ND filter
Manual f-number
IRIS key
Push Focus
Manual/Auto Focus Switch

6 assign keys
Shutter speed
GAIN/ISO switch
Picture Profile


Function safety

All control elements are sealed twofold and up to fourfold. Maximum reliability is our priority.


Underwater microphone

Underwater sounds are recorded via a high-quality electret microphone.


Moisture alarm

Two moisture alarms monitor the well-being of your camcorder, with an acoustic warning signal at the front and an acoustic and optical warning signal at the back.


Weight and dimensions

L x W x H: 356 mm x 202 mm x 246 mm

Weight without port: about 8.200 g

Depending on port and lens system used

Tested depth:
90 metres