Housing for Sony HDR-TD10


Made of seawater-resistant aluminium, CNC milled out of a monoblock,
hard anodized and passivated in a special process to make it seawater-resistant.
Precision-guided on a special slide, the camcorder is introduced into the front part of the housing. Installation errors can therefore be excluded.

Monitor lens

The large monitor lens made of optical glass affords a full view of the unfolded 3,5 inch  monitor which is perfectly screened from ambient light. The viewing angle in respect of the diving plane is 15ยบ.
The detachable lens hood avoids reflections on the glass lens. Enjoy viewing the result of your shots as soon as you have taken them.

Locking devices

Two quick-release locking devices are protected with safety-catches against unintentionally opening the housing.

Front glass with sunshield

Made of optical glass. It provides the full picture quality of Sony 3D lens. The lens hood avoids reflections on the glass lens, thus both lenses are optimally protected against sunlight.

UW-colour correction filter (optional)

When taking shots in blue water without lighting, an URPRO colour correction filter can be switch from outside.

Change of batteries

Without the need of removing the camcorder. It can be used for all battery sizes.

Grip rail

Featuring soft grips, detachable for transport.


It can be controlled at the Pushbuttons on the right side, for the following functions: Record, T-W, photo (2D mode), ON-OFF, and will be operated on the left side mechanics, the features included the button and the adjustment wheel,switch for 2D and 3D.

Moisture alarm

Acoustic and optical alarm, ensures your camcorder stays in good working condition.

Stabilizing fins (optional)

To accommodate SEALUX lighting systems.

Transport case (accessory)

The transport case weighing only 2.6 kg can hold the complete video system together with the Sealux lighting system.

Dimensions, Weight


Housing without grip: (W x H x L) 226 x 114 x 195 mm


Housing without camera: 3,8 Kg


Housing with camera: up force 200 g

Max. Depth:

tested down to 70 m