Housing for Panasonic HC-X909, HC-X900M


Made of seawater-resistant aluminium, CNC milled out of a monoblock, black anodized and in addition special powder coated on the outside for an extra well resistant surface. Precision-guided on a special slide, the camcorder is introduced into the front part of the housing. Installation errors can therefore be excluded.

Monitor rearside

the high resolving color LCD monitor offers a sharp picture of 3.6” in 16:9 format that is rich in contrast. The power pack now contains 6 standard AAA accus: 3 left, 3 right to enhance the bouyancy.

Due to the viewing angle of 30° to the swimming position and the efficient sunshield you can perfectly watch the picture taking even in shallow water.

Locking devices

Two quick-release locking devices are protected with safety-catches against unintentionally opening the housing.

Port changing system

Featuring a bayonet mount, allowing a fast change between a flat port or a newly designed wide-angle port.


Made of optical glass with bayonet mount, safety-catch and cap.

Close-up lens

Can be swiveled for special macro shooting when using the flat ports

UW-colour correction filter

When taking shots in blue water without lighting, an  colour correction filter can be swivel-inserted.

Grip rail

Featuring soft grips, detachable for transport.

Display on-off

Rotary switches for power-saving operation of the battery display with window

Change of batteries

Without the need of removing the camcorder.


Left side:

Multifunction dial and set button
data on display

Right side:


Wide-angle attachment (accessory)

With dome lens made of coated optical glass, zoomable, 95º diagonal shooting angle, with neoprene cover.

Moisture alarm (optional)

Acoustic and optical alarm, ensures your camcorder stays in good working condition. (with window in the back)

Stabilizing fins (accessory)

To accommodate SEALUX lighting systems.

Transport case (accessory)

The transport case weighing only 2.6 kg can hold the complete video system together with the Sealux lighting system. Measuring only 500 x 390 x 190 mm, it is accepted as hand luggage.

Dimensions, Weight

Housing without grip:

L x W x H: 244 mm x 150 mm x 128 mm.

3200g incl. flat port included, neutral in water, depending on port and lens used.