GV150 viewfinder

grand view 150 viewfinder

This is the first time that a viewfinder is presented with the ideal eyepiece angle of 150°. This viewfinder was developed especially for the demands of the digital cameras.

It does not cover the monitor and enables total using comfort of all buttons. The enlarged viewfinder picture is brillant, sharp, bright and offers total control of the recording- and viewfinder display. The viewfinder ocular is adjustable even under water to +/- 3 diopter. The detachable sunshield reduces reflections with picture taking in shallow water.

The GV150 is swivellable in 6 steps up to 180°, due to this there is much more using comfort for broadside or upright format or picture taking near the ground.The photographer selects quickly the right position. Even half-half photographs in free water can be realized considerably easier. The GV 150 can be swivelled down or is just removed for the transport. With the GD- and GV 150 viewfinder is also enough room for a larger breathing controller. It can be equipped later for all SEALUX housings for digital cameras.