UW Close up lens

To achieve a larger than a 1:1 close-up image scale when taking macro shots, we have developed our UW close-up lenses which allow you to be flexible under water, too. In combination with macro lenses with a focal length of 105 and 100 mm perfect operational conditions are achieved. 



The UW close-up lens consists of a high-quality

converter lens with a coupling ring and is fitted to the PS port by means of a bayonet catch.

Any trapped air can escape through special ventilation ducts.

You can employ any one of these UW lenses offered in four different strengths. Depending on the strength, you can achieve various image scales. For protection during transport the UW close-up lens is supplied in a protective bag.



UW close-up lens 1                     1.3:1 scale

UW close-up lens 2                     1.7:1 scale

UW close-up lens 3                     2.5:1 scale

UW close-up lens 4                           3.0:1 scale