Flash arms CT25

The new generation of ball arms is extremely light, stable, with a great fixing force that can be adjusted exactly for every range of application. We recommend the ball CT25, diameter 25 mm for our flash housings.
For lamp heads and light weight flashguns you can also use our lamp arms series CT20.

  • CT25-320, 320 mm long
  • CT25-280, 280 mm long
  • CT25-210, 210 mm long
  • CT25-160, 160 mm long

  • CT25-NI ball support Nikon

  • CT25-SS ball for Sea&Sea

  • CT25-K6 ball with M6 thread

  • CT25-KL Clamping piece

  • CT25-BH base holder for T-piece

  • ZU-T-ST T-piece

Our point shooting arm:

Just one twist and the flash is free for your use



Standard flash arm; consisting of:

CT25-210 + CT25-280, 3 clamps + holder weighs only 500g with downward pressure of 100g in fresh water.