Housing for Nikon D7100

With the new SEALUX CD7100 housing for the innovative Nikon D7100 you can take photos as well as shoot videos. Now the digital reflex camera Nikon D7100 with its outstanding operability can fully prove its capabilities under water, too. The tried and tested camera slide makes fitting the camera easy. The handgrip mounted at the front can be adjusted!

The new CD7100 housing stands out for its clear lines and its ergonomically rounded edges. It is very compact and all functions are very accessible. We’ve designed the tailormade CD7100 housing in such a way that you can make full use of the Nikon D7100 under water, too. The key features of the CD7100 housing are safety, easy operability and small dimensions. Large O-rings, doubly sealed shafts and even quadruply sealed keys provide the highest degree of safety. The camera is precision-guided along a special slide and fitted
within the front part of the housing, thereby excluding installation errors.


The housing is made of a seawater-resistant aluminium alloy, CNC milled out of a monoblock, anodized in black and additionally powder coated on the outside. The housing has an M6 thread to fit, for example, a small video light on top of the housing. The memory card can be changed with the camera remaining inside the housing. Very small dimensions and low weight. Excellent buoyancy compensation with all ports. The standard model comes equipped with our LD-viewfinder. Ports need to be ordered separately.
Colour: powder coated titanium grey.

Standard functions

The following functions come as standard:
ON-OFF, display illumination, shutter release, MODE, plus-minus correction, comfortable operation of frontal control wheel from the grip, rear control wheel, easy operation of autofocus lock together with shutter release, multifunction selector for all functions, AFsegment pre-selection, AF-segment control, function selector wheel, white balance, ISO adjustment, Play, Erase, Menu, Protect, Image Index, sectional enlargement and OK keys, the new i-key as well as keys for LiveView and photo-video switching, plus an Info key. The functions Zoom or Manual Focus, Lens Unlock and flash exposure correction are fitted to
the left of the housing.

Special functions

AF-M switch, AF-mode key, Fn key

Monitor lenses

Three lenses allow comfortable control of all settings. The lens for the back of
camera display is made of scratch-proof mineral glass. Two upper lenses allow you to look through to the function selector wheel and the upper camera display.

Grip rail

Detachable for transport, comes with soft ergonomic rubber grips and two T-pieces to accommodate two flash arms as well as two threaded holes to attach safety holding straps. The SEALUX ATS battery box can be fitted on the underside, too.

Locking devices

Two spring-loaded locks with safety catches keep the housing locked with a high clamping force.


Housing bayonet

Unchanged, perfect for new large diameter lenses, too. Easy lens change with the camera inside the housing.

Flash socket

A flash socket with fixed contact pins and an iTTL connection are fitted. Optionally, the flash socket may feature spring-loaded pins or come in the form of an S6 socket . A second flash socket of your choice (optional) with manual control can be fitted as well.

Optical flash sockets

Now the CD7100 housing features 2 optical flash sockets as standard. To access them, the camera flash can be swivelled open or shut inside the housing.

Dimensions, weight

Housing with grip:
Dimensions: L x W x H: 127 mm x 176 mm x 164 mm
Weight: 2.7 Kg / neutral in water, depending on port and lens