Housing for Nikon D300S

The new SEALUX underwater housing CD300S for the innovative Nikon D300S allows you to take photos and to shoot video clips. The digital reflex camera Nikon D300S with its superb operation can now fully prove its strengths under water, too. The grip is now mounted at the front and is adjustable. The camera is mounted at a new slide system.

We have designed the precision-fit CD300S housing, so as to provide full underwater camera use for your Nikon D300S. Safety, ease of operation and minimal dimensions are the hallmark of the CD300S housing. Large Orings, double seal shafts and keys sealed even fourfold guarantee the maximum safety possible. The camera is precision-guided on a special slide and fitted inside the front part of the housing, thereby excluding fitting errors. To replace the memory card the camera does not need to be moved.


Aluminium milled of monoblock CNC, hardanodised and specially sealed for highest sea-water resistance. An exchange of the storage card is possible with installed camera. Minimal dimensions and weight. Excellent taring with all ports. Color: titanium grey.

Functions standard

ON-OFF, display illumination, release knob, MODE, plus-minus correction key, front adjustment wheel which can be operated easily from the handle, autofocus lock very well operateable together with the release knob, multi-function selector
with all functions, AF-pre-measuring field selection with enlarged key distance. AF-measuring field control, white-balance, ISO-adjustment, keys for replay, delete, menu, protect, picture index, detail enlargement, OK, Info and LiveView. The left side is equipped with zoom or manual focusing, release and flash exposure correction.


Special functions

CSM-focus switch, Fn-key, record function selector switch, Live-View, kind of exposure switch.

Control window

The monitor screen of mineral glass enables the complete control of the picture. The window for the LCD-display is amply dimensioned.

Handle support

With two ergonomic rubber soft handles and two T-pieces for two flash arms as well as equipped with two drills for safety loops. It is detachable for the transport.


Two flexible closures with safety lockings close the housing with high tension.

Housing bayonet

Unchanged, also perfectly suitable for new lenses with large diameter. The change of the lens is easily possible with installed camera.

Flash sockets

With fixed contacts and iTTL connection.

Special equipment

With flexible contacts or S6 socket, a second flash socket of your choice, however only manually operateable, can be installed (Please ask us).

Dimensions, Weight

Housing without grip:

L x W x H: 127 mm x 176 mm x 158 mm.

2800g incl. flat port included, neutral in water, depending on port and lens used.