Lighting Systems

FL2600 LED high performance lamp


New multi-functional lamp for photography and video applications



White light:
At a daylight temperature of 5500K-6000K it produces 2600 lumen at maximum power for a lighting duration of 72 minutes. At a reduced power of around 900 lumen the lighting duration will be 270 minutes.

For macro shots and night-time dives the reduced power of the white light will be sufficient.


Angle of illumination:
120º evenly illuminated without a hotspot.


Red Light:
without filter disc, directly produced by 2 LED’s giving 200 lumen. Red light is used especially as a pilot light in the presence of easily frightened animals, e.g. prawns, that do not like white light. Red light does not disturb most living beings or organisms.

200 lumen of red light plus 2600 lumen of daylight together reduce the light or colour temperature, thereby giving a warm light for great wide-angle shots.


Special illumination:


Violet light:
Produced by 2 violet LED’s working at a wavelength of 410 nm giving 6 watts of UV-light and 2 UV LED’s working at a wavelength of 365 nm giving 6 watts of UV-light with a lighting duration of 300 minutes. This way you create a submarine world during your night dive as never seen before.



See sample images:



Strobe effect:
For emergency signals

Operational range:
Down to a maximum depth of 100 metres

Easily exchangeable Li-ion 5500 mAh rechargeable battery, no memory effect.

by means of 2 push buttons or keys.

Key 1: for white light at full power
White light at reduced Power
White light with strobe effect

Key 2: for Red Light
Violet Light

The keys can be operated easily, even wearing thick gloves. Functions are activated by pressing a key for 2 seconds. With a short press of the keys functional steps can be skipped. Simple one-key operation!


Lamp holder:
The lamp comes with a 25 mm diameter ball. Sealux ball joint arms and clamps can be fitted for extension features.

Battery charger:
For 100-240 V. Charging time about 5 hours with charge level monitoring.

Carrying bag for a safe transport of the lamp, battery and battery charger.

Housing made of seawater-resistant, black hard-anodized aluminium, sealed with 2 O-rings.


Hand safety strap for use as a hand-held lamp. Air travel: For air travel the battery can be removed from the lamp. The lamp also uses a light signal as a guide to ensure it is properly bolted together - Unique


Diameter 50 mm Length 125 mm Lamp 335 g, battery 125 g In conclusion: An ideal lamp, given that light temperature and light output are adjustable, allowing a new creative form of photography when shooting stills.