Lighting System

MATRIX LED high performance lamp



The 16 high-performance latest generation LEDs produce a light flux of up to 2,200 lumen on an area of only 1 cm2 at a colour temperature of 5,600 Kelvin (daylight), providing the best conditions for powerful photo or video lighting.

Product range:

Matrix 2200 Di
Light flux 2200 lumen, dimmable


Reflector shape and surface finish quality are a decisive factor when
it comes to the light efficiency of a light source.
The reflector, especially designed by Sealux, provides absolutely
uniform, circular lighting without any hot spots or shadow areas.
A highly efficient cooling system based on heat being directly dissipated away from the LED is a prerequisite for a long service life and the highest efficiency possible.


We employ SMD technology in our electronics, which is a guarantee for very high product quality using minimal space. A constant current control system ensures a maximum life of the HighPower LEDs.


The lamphead is hermetically sealed and maintenance-free.


High-frequency, continuously variable dimming guarantees absolutely flicker-free illumination in every field of application, an indispensable prerequisite for video.
Even so, a scale on the lamphead allows precise adjustment repeatability. In particular, the most powerful dimmable version MATRIX 2200 D is suitable for all fields of application. For example, during a night dive 50% of the available power would be sufficient, which means double illumination time and therefore more safety. Likewise, power can be reduced during the day both for macro- and close-up shots. Full power is required only for wide-angle shots during the day.

Mounting examples

using the Sealux CT20 arm

using the Sealux flexarm


MATRIX 2200Di Technische Daten

Sealux Matrix Typ2200Di

max.  lumen


color temperature in kelvin5600°

beam angle


burning time at full power: up to 80 min.

Akku             4,5Ah NiMh

Weight         980 g

Dimensions           82 x 180 mm

Bouyancy             -180 gr

loading time         appr. 3 hours