Light System

ATS battery box


Our ATS (battery box system) battery box for Sealux high-performance LED lamp heads SUNBRIGHT 18L / 36L as well as for our new MATRIX-LED series.

The housing is made of seawater-resistant aluminium, CNC milled from a monobloc, anodized in black, additionally powder-coated on the outside to provide maximum ruggedness.


 The box is switched on and off using the central main switch which is provided with a transport lock. The 2 On/Off push buttons on the box allow switching the lamp-heads on and off from the grip handle without any effort.
A 5-stage LED continually informs you about the current battery state, the system incorporates battery pack protection against deep-cycle discharge.
The battery replacement system allows you to perform each dive with a fully-charged battery. It gives you the possibility to switch the lamps on and off directly, using push buttons. Thanks to an expansion system up to 4 lamps may be connected to the ATS battery box.

Battery pack

 High-performance nickel-metal-hydride battery packs 14.4 V   4.5 Ah 



The battery box is designed as a replacement battery system. It is available as a simple ATS-E system with one battery pack or as a double ATS-D system with two battery packs (giving double illumination time).
The ATS-E system can easily be converted into an ATS-D system.It is provided with up to 4 lamp connections (2 standard, 2 optional) which are double waterproofed for maximum reliability.
The battery box is fastened below the handgrip bar by means of a T-piece.
For the longer ATS-D version you can have a slide-over case.

 Locking mechanisms

 Two spring-loaded locks with safety catches lock the housing with a high clamping force.

 Battery charger

 The battery pack can be charged in 4.5 hours using a processor-controlled battery charger with automatic switch-over to trickle charge.


14.4 V at around 4,500 mAh for the ATS-E version 
14.4 V at around 2 x 4,500 mAh (9,000 mAh) for the ATS-D version

Width x height x length: 180 x 65 x 91 mm 

Weight:  1.95 kg

Downforce:  980 g