Pool event with AG-3DA1

3D-Demo Clip

To watch the clips, you need a stereoscopic player. If you donĀ“t have a 3D monitor, you can use the anaglyph method of the player. Together with red-cyan glasses you then can watch the clips on a standard computer monitor.

Housing configuration

The housing PP-3DA1 is equipped with the lighting system Sunbright-36L and the new ATS-E battery box.

A clever control layout allows a comfortable and easy function shift between shutter speed, convergence, auto focus etc. using the grip.

Viewfinder image

Looking at the viewfinder even from a little distance you get a perfect image


Right-hand side operability

Very clever, ergonomic layout of the controls such as record, zoom and record review






3D-Demo download:        Clip_1  |  Clip_2



PP-3DA1 with lighting system 

Thanks to arrangement using 2 articulated arms, the lighting system can be positioned perfectly. 

Easy one-hand operation is no problem.



Convergence setting

Setting the right convergence value will be easy after practising just a short while.

The Push Auto Button has proved to be very useful.



The housing with the lighting system has a buoyancy of 1 kg. Together with the ATS-D battery box the housing will be perfectly balanced.